Types of Drainage system:

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Drainage is the process of removing water from the surface or sub-surface from a given area. Drainage systems include all the network of pipes of public or private property that transports the rainwater, sewage water, and other wastewater to the point or location of disposal. The main purpose of using a drainage system is the collection and removal of wastewater systematically so that the health conditions remain maintained in a building. Drainage systems are designed in order to dispose of wastewater as quickly as possible. The drainage system also prevents the gases emitted from sewers and septic tanks from entering residential areas. For the treatment of drainage system, one should contact a denver drain cleaning company and hire a sewer experts denver colorado for the sewer view denver.

A residential drainage system helps in removing the excess water from residential areas. A residential drainage system is necessary for a building as it prevents the building from any mold, rotting, mildew, or any kind of structural damage from a buildup of water.

There are 4 types of residential drinage systems;

  • Subsurface
  • Surface
  • Slope
  • Downspout/gutters

Subsurface drainage system:

A subsurface drainage system is also commonly known as a French drain. Subsurface drains are laid below the top layer of soil in order to remove the excess water from the root level. Digging the deep ditches and installing the underground pipes are necessary for the subsurface drains. Installation of a large collector drain is also done to collect the water from the pipes.

Surface Drainage system:

In the surface drainage system, shallow ditches are dug in parallel patter, this ditch acts as a canal for the run-off water. These ditches help in leading the water to the main drain to prevent water pooling and flooding.

Slope Drainage system:

A slope drainage system helps the water to flow downward from a structure with the help of pipes moving down a slope. A pipe is installed slightly tilted at an angle, which results in the flow of water through the pipe and away from the structure.

Downspout and gutter system:

The main purpose of Downsprout is to collect the water from gutters and then divert it to the ground. A downspout gets connected to a gutter system of a building and then carries away the water from the roof down to the ground. Downspouts discharge the water onto the slope so that water does not accumulate at the base of the downspout.

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